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Oriental Enterprise Holdings Limited (formerly known as Oriental Press Group Limited) is the largest press group in Hong Kong and was listed in Hong Kong in August 1987. Its subsidiary company, Oriental Media Corporation is holding “Oriental Daily News”, flagship online portal “”, as well as major websites and mobile applications including “onCH” and “Money 18”.

The unaffiliated Group takes pride in serving as the mouthpiece of the public, and enjoys high popularity among the readers for decades. Taking advantage of the rapid developments in information technology, the Group has kept abreast of the trend by investing additional resources to develop a new media based on the print media, defying both time and space to provide Chinese readers worldwide with news and information through an online platform.

“Oriental Daily News”, which was founded in January 1969, has been the best-selling newspaper with high readership and most widely read newspaper in Hong Kong for 48 consecutive years from 1976 to 2024. It is truly “The Paper for Hong Kong”. “Oriental Daily News” is recognised for its unparalleled fast, accurate and detailed news coverage, enjoying a substantial high quality readership.

“”, which was launched in February 2000, is the flagship online portal of the Group and the news website with largest number of visitors in Hong Kong. “” provides Chinese people worldwide with diversified information. In addition to the latest news, netizens can also browse “Oriental Daily News ePaper”, “Supplement ePaper” and “Money 18”. The website provides diversified information in line with its philosophy of “enabling people to be informed of the developments worldwide by browsing “”.

“onCH”, a free online video channel launched in March 2008, in addition to news videos, also provides netizens with current affair programmes, which are popular among with netizens. “onCH” strives to strengthen live broadcasts and diversified programmes and is a bellwether in the live broadcast of sports events.

“Money 18”, which provides netizens with real-time financial information, is one of the financial information websites of the highest page views in Hong Kong. “Money 18” keeps track of market moves by providing diversified information including Real-time Quote, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, financial news, trading volume of properties and recommendations on investment. “Money 18” has become one of the most influential information brands in the territory.

History of the Group

“Oriental Daily News” was founded by Mr. Shek-chun MA on 22 January 1969. At that time, the newspaper consisted of only one piece of paper, and there were only 12 employees. With unremitting efforts, the newspaper made innovations in the style of news reporting and improved sales gradually. In response to its business growth, “Oriental Daily News” relocated to Kwei Chow Street, Kowloon in 1973 and built its own plant, laying the foundation for its operation. Within a few years, the newspaper achieved substantial sales growth and became the best-selling newspaper in Hong Kong in 1976.

In 1977, Mr. Ching-kwan MA took over and brought the well-grounded “Oriental Daily News” to the next level. In 1987, the newspaper became a public listed company and was renamed Oriental Press Group Limited. The initial public offer of shares attracted an oversubscription of 310 times, a record high for the local market at that time.

To align with its expansion plan, the Group relocated to the Oriental Press Centre in Kowloon Bay in January 1990, setting a milestone for its business. In the same year, the Group adopted a computerised printing system and installed high-speed printing machines to meet the increasing sales. During the period from 1991 to 1995, the Group launched a number of publications including “Oriental Sunday”, “Eastweek”, “The Sun Racing Journal”, “Eastern Express” and “East Touch”, driving the Group’s business to a historic high. At a later stage, the Group disposed of or closed down these publications in view of the then prevailing business environment and market conditions. In March 1999, the Group launched “The Sun”, with young readers as its main target.

Internet has risen since the beginning of the 21st century. To capture the immense business opportunities brought on by the booming information technology, the Group set up the online portal and penetrated into the internet world. During 2001 and 2002, the Group disposed of all the magazines with a view to focusing on its two Chinese newspapers and online business.

In February 2002, the Group’s Honorary Chairman Mr. Ching-kwan MA pioneered in the field of online newspaper by launching “The Oriental Daily News ePaper” and “The Sun ePaper” whereby the newspaper is uploaded onto the web as it is so that it can be read by in real time anywhere in the world. With a view to attracting readers in Mainland China, the Group moved into the Mainland market. In May 2004, “The Oriental Daily News” and “The Sun” were granted permission for direct distribution in the Mainland and subscription was available from then on at the China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation in 22 cities/regions around the country.

In response to the continuous business growth, in November 2004, the Group relocated to the new headquarters in Tai Po Industrial Estate, and purchased eight 64 4-colour single width printing units, with a total investment amounting to HK$ 1.7 billion.

Stepping into Web 2.0, was relaunched and advanced to a new website, namely “”, in January 2007. Meanwhile, “Video Channel” and “World” were created. In March 2008, with the launch of “ontv” - the free online television, the Group provided our audiences with fresh commentaries programmes, in-depth investment analysis and news videos. In October 2009, the Group introduced “Money 18”, which became one of the designated BMP websites of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, providing netizens with real-time quote services, thereby further reinforcing the leading position of the Group in the financial sector. Since then, special columns such as “on Football”, “” and “on Racing” have been launched to enrich and diversify the contents of “”.

To align with the integrated development of Greater China, the Group has repositioned “” and “ontv” by incorporating Chinese names “東方互動” and “東方電視” respectively. Given the rapid development of technological products in recent years, “” keeps updating its computer software and hardware constantly. “” has launched the applications for iPad, iPhone and Android, enabling the netizens to use different platforms to access various news information provided by the Group.

While focusing on the development of the online business, the Group also values the development of the newspaper industry. In November 2010, the Group launched “FLASHoN”, which has become a partner of a number of renowned international brands. In November 2012, the Group launched website to provide readers with information through multimedia. During the same period, “Good News” was launched and became the first entertainment paperzine for young readers in Hong Kong. Since its launch, “Good News” has been well received and successfully in taking up a share in the magazine market.

Nowadays, given the rapid development of technology, the influence of new media on the media industry has been increasing. The Group adapts to the trend and increases its investment in the new media business, with a view to enhancing its competitiveness. In November 2013, “” adopted a new Chinese name “東網” and underwent a major revamp. Meanwhile, “” also provides a simplified Chinese version to attract readers in the Mainland China. In December of the same year, “ontv” adopted a new Chinese name “東網電視”. By introducing innovative technology and producing diversified programmes, “ontv” spearheads the development of online television.

The Group has, from time to time, reviewed the business development in response to market conditions. In April 2015, a new entertainment mobile application “ Superstar” was launched. In August of that year, the Group disposed of “The Sun Racing Journal” and also suspended the publication of “FLASHoN” in October. In March and April 2016, the Group also ceased publication of “Good News”and suspended the publication of “The Sun” respectively. In December of that year, the well developed “ Superstar” merged with “ Entertainment”, it enriches the contents of “”.

In December 2019, the Group reallocated the resources to enhance the content of website and strengthen the video production, live broadcast and real-time news in order to build up a powerful news platform for readers. Meanwhile, "ontv", renamed to "onCH"(東網視頻), continues to keep close track of the current situation and provides the fastest and latest news and information.

In August 2021, in considering that the Group’s business development tends to be diversified, including printed media, digital media, properties investment in local and oversea, and money lending, the company name of “Oriental Press Group Limited 東方報業集團有限公司” changes to“Oriental Enterprise Holdings Limited 東方企控集團有限公司” in order to enhance corporate image and clearer identity. Meanwhile, the Group accelerates the business expansion through restructuring to create a higher brand value.