The Oriental Enterprise Holdings, building on the its strength in the press industry in Hong Kong, extended its leading position to the internet realm. The Group’s flagship online portal “on.cc” (formerly “orisun.com”), is dedicated to providing readers with the latest and fastest news and information with innovative perspectives from around the world. The website and mobile platform recorded 830 million monthly total page views, which proves its great popularity among readers.

Guided by its beliefs in “invest the further investment and develop for further development” and greatly advantaged by its sizable professional team and sophisticated equipment, the Group continued to break new ground by launching the Oriental Daily News ePaper. In addition to the exact replica of the printed paper uploaded onto the web, there are the first ever media wap site in Hong Kong.

“on.cc” attaches great importance to user experience, with a clear and user-friendly interface. Its mobile app supports the industry-leading “screen mirroring” technology, enabling users to browse the information of “on.cc” on a smart TV, which is an innovation in the media industry of Hong Kong.
Oriental Daily News Web
The reigning champion in terms of both circulation and readership in Hong Kong, the Oriental Daily News is an unrivaled news provider widely trusted by the local population. Thanks to the Oriental Daily News Web and the Internet that connects people from every corner of the world, the readers in Hong Kong, Macau, the Mainland and even the rest of the world are able to enjoy the promptest, truest and fullest stories absolutely free every morning Hong Kong time. The user-friendly design and powerful search engine of the Web mean netizens can now enjoy the comfort of their living room while keeping themselves abreast of Hong Kong news, world briefs, financial updates, entertainment highlights and sports reports.
Oriental Daily News ePaper
Using the latest technology, the Oriental Enterprise Holdings succeeded as early as 8 February 2002 in launching the Oriental Daily News ePaper and has been the first to upload the printed paper, whether news or consumer information provided by advertisers, as it is onto the Internet. Although a high-tech invention, the flippable ePaper retains the familiarity of traditional reading and sets itself up as a new model for online media.

Readily accessible via the Internet in all weather conditions, time zones and geographical locations, the Oriental Daily News ePaper reaches out simultaneously to readers from every corner of the world and locally in Hong Kong alike with the Oriental Daily News and keeps them informed of global happenings.
“onCH” provides news videos of diversified contents including current affairs, entertainment, industry and economy, sports, lifestyle and horse racing on a 24-hour basis. It is a pioneer of news video platforms in Hong Kong. “onCH” introduced a number of revamps, with more sophisticated functionality and technologies, fresh layout and up-to-date contents, ‘onCH” has seen significant improvement in terms of both quantity and quality.

Thanks to the professional production and popular anchors, cross-platform video views repeatedly hit record high, which shows its reputation among readers. There is also the trailblazing live broadcast of sports events. “onCH” is indeed a bellwether for news streaming and live broadcast platform in Hong Kong.
“Money18” is the financial information website with the highest page views in Hong Kong as well as a free real-time quote website designated by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

“Money18” is very well known for its rich contents and practical functions for both website and mobile app. The number of users of its mobile app and social media platform repeatedly hit record high ,with the successive rising of the number of followers on social media platform, making “Money18” one of the most popular industrial and economic information platforms in Hong Kong.
on Racing
An intelligent provider of racing information catering to the new age, the on Racing is built on the Oriental Racing that are widely popular among the racing population. To perpetuate our fine traditional objective of "With Oriental comes capital", the on Racing has proved to be the winning partner for punters who can avail themselves of the Group's complete database spanning over the years screened and updated with an expert's eye, computerized analyses and search engine for race results.
on Football
The on Football is an all-powerful online soccer kingdom proudly launched by on.cc. With the backing of the strongest reporting teams in Hong Kong from the Oriental Daily News, updates are made round the clock. All the major league games like the England-Premier League, Germany-Bundesliga I, Italy-Serie A and Spain-Primera Division together with the previews are well covered and complete with live scores and latest odds.The on Football has enlisted soccer stars and expert tipsters to provide you with analysis in advance of every game and to point you in the right direction. The Oriental Enterprise Holdings has also developed a formula for computing a "winning index" based on its in-house soccer database built up over the years so that the odds of your favourite team pops up right in front of you at just one click.