Oriental Daily News
Founded on 22 January 1969, the Oriental Daily News is the flagship publication of the Oriental Enterprise Holdings and the best selling newspaper in Hong Kong for last 48 consecutive years. With a daily circulation of serveral hundred thousand copies and a readership of over 3 million, the newspaper leads by a very comfortable margin.

Driven by its determination to become "better, truer and faster", Oriental Daily News has been providing its readers with the fastest, fullest and most reliable coverage of local and world news around the clock, thanks to its enviable and well-equipped reporting team, correspondents stationed around the world including U.S.A., the U.K., France and Australia.

The all-embracive Oriental Daily News enables its readers to be fully informed of events happening locally, across the Strait and in the world while enjoying the snugness of their sitting rooms. There are also sections devoted to the financial market, entertainment, sports, soccer, racing and supplement. Features columns like The Array (龍門陣) penned by renowned columnists, as well as the Editorial (正論) , both focusing on social injustices, have spoken the minds of its readers and have helped make Oriental Daily News an all-inclusive and all-informing newspaper that defies both time and space.